800 but only one KING!

The only mountain bike marathon with 8 km of freeride descents, 9km single trail and a mountain finish on 2,275m!


Kronplatz King 2021

Kronpaltz King 2019: Tiago Ferreira


Kronplatz Queen 2019: katazina sosna



Kronplatz has a new royal couple!

Tiago Ferrera and Katazina Sosna win the KronplatzKing MTB Marathon 2021 at Kronplatz.


Kronplatz King on Social Media
Kronplatz King 2021

We call all proud riders on bikeback from all over the world, to compete in a bike-fight among their own kind, in order to find and celebrate the new King of the Fanes Kingdom!

Saddle your bike - become the new KronplatzKING!


KronplatzKing MTB Marathon

Str. Plan de Corones 8
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Tourist Information San Vigilio/San Martin - Dolomites

Catarina Lanz Str. 14
I-39030 San Vigilio

Tel. +39 0474 501037
Fax +39 0474 501566

e-mail: info@sanvigilio.com
web: http://www.kronplatz.com/de/san-vigilio

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